Our Mission

In anticipation of Jesus’ soon return, our purpose is to:

  • Cultivate mission vision
  • Prepare cross-cultural workers
  • Nurture missionary witness for effective service in God’s harvest

As your partners in cross-cultural service, our goal is to bring you continual learning and support opportunities.

Learning Opportunities

The Institute of World Mission is the missionary training branch of the General Conference Secretariat. Through Mission Institutes, Reentry Retreats, online mission classes, and other types of training, we design learning paths to help you:

  • Live successfully in another culture
  • Witness effectively to the unreached
  • Communicate cross-culturally
  • Resolve cross-cultural conflicts
  • Lead multi-cultural teams
  • Stay mentally and physically healthy while living in another country
  • Transition your family to an international setting

Support Opportunities

Missionaries and others interested in cross-cultural ministry must deal effectively with the challenges of adapting to and working in new cultures. Often this task can cause personal and family stress, which can result in physical, mental, relational, and ministry challenges.

The Missionary Care team is specifically tasked to provide spiritual and psychological support to Adventist cross-cultural missionaries. 

How to Begin

We invite you to explore the links below. Each is a gateway to a journey of growth in your cross-cultural ministry.

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