Call to Mission


Sometimes we hear someone say, “I think God is calling me to mission.” Or “If God calls me, I’ll go.”

What do we mean by a “call”?

To begin with, we must realize that there is a sense in which every Christian is “called.”

We are called to service, a service that grows out of our love and gratitude for what God has done for us. This love creates in us a desire to share that joy and good news with others.

So, there is a sense in which we can say that all Christians are called to be missionaries—not necessarily cross-cultural missionaries, but servants of the Master, nonetheless.

But God does call some to a special cross-cultural ministry.

We will look at two different ways in which He calls us.

Direct or Supernatural Call

Some people in history have received a special, miraculous call:

  • Samuel heard God’s voice calling him when he was just a boy.
  • Peter and John heard Jesus say, “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.”
  • Paul was stopped by a bright light on the Damascus road and heard Jesus calling him by name to be the apostle to the Gentiles.

Indirect or Circumstantial Call

Most people in the Bible, however, did not receive a supernatural call like those, but circumstances led them to God’s mission:

  • Esther happened to be in the right place to save God’s people from annihilation.
  • David was visiting his brothers when God helped him slay Goliath.
  • Barren Sarah followed her husband to an unknown land and became the mother of God’s people.
  • Daniel was captive in a foreign court where he was entrusted with prophecies for our day.
  • John Mark failed in his first missionary endeavor but went on to be the first to author a gospel account.

What is God Doing With Us Today

Most of us are also called by “God’s gentle leading.”

We see God at work in our lives, and through various providential leadings, we feel God calling us.

  • We realize that our gifts or talents especially fit us to serve in cross-cultural environments.
  • We receive information (via books, speakers, etc.) that appeals to our mind as well as our hearts and “calls” us to serve.
  • Past experiences (encounters with missions or missionaries, special times of commitment) call us to a personal commitment.
  • We see God leading our spouse to mission and feel Him calling us to support their service.
  • A desire to serve God and His church leads us to accept a call to mission.

All of the above factors can be powerful incentives to mission service.

First of all, God calls us to Him, and then in love we respond and go where He sends us.

He does not command results, but He does expect faithfulness.

The results are in His hands, but the willingness to respond to His call to mission is ours.

Your Turn

How has God led you to sense His call to mission?

We’ll be happy to hear from you in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Call to Mission”

  1. I greatly thank God that he has and is still instilling in me a great burden in the work of soul winning here in the secluded and locations of the city and town I always find myself here in Namibia. The lord called me to ministry though not yet an integral call, but has so far called faithful souls to join His fold through the untiring work and influence of the Holy Spirit in the small evangelistic endeavoring ministry He has called me to.

    1. Alex Ott

      Good to hear from you Anduerpio. You are right, this is where our service alongside with the Lord begins. It’s in participating in church projects and outreach. Blessings to you as you continue doing that.

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