Episode 35, Family Adjustment in Cross-Cultural Mission Service (With Cheryl Doss)

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2 thoughts on “Episode 35, Family Adjustment in Cross-Cultural Mission Service (With Cheryl Doss)”

  1. Noé Alexander Clemente Ramírez

    This was a wonderful episode. If it was an option to check it as favorite I would do it. I have been almost three years at the mission field. I got married a year and a half ago. Just one week after we got married I traveled back and my wife 20 days after. We were starting many changes at once: married life, my wife came into a new place without speaking English. I was starting a new position. God has been so good with us and I think that we would have cope better if I had listen to this before but God has been with us. Thank you for this podcast.

    1. Alexander, glad to hear this episode was useful.
      Generally, it is very difficult to face a cross-cultural assignment fresh after marriage. Too many adjustment stresses at the same time. But with the right mindset, reliance on the Lord, and willingness to stick with each other and talk things through, it’s doable. Good to hear optimism in your note. Blessings!!!

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