Facing Conflict of Interest in the Mission Field

In this webinar, the presenters will help Adventist missionaries and employees working cross-culturally take a thorough look at the challenges and dangers of violating best practices in the area of conflict of interest.

Conflict of Interest is often understood as a boring chore of signing a slip twice a year. But in reality, it’s a complex ethical and cultural phenomenon. When violated, consequences are long felt and painful. It can make or break a ministry.


  • Hensley Morooven (Undersecretary, GC)
  • Karnik, Doukmetzian (General Counsel, GC)


4 thoughts on “Facing Conflict of Interest in the Mission Field”

  1. I like to book a seat and be participate but I do not have good enough internet to follow. Can I get to download it ? I guess that will be after the live prog then ?

    1. Henry, thank you for your question.
      Yes, the webinar will be available on-demand after the program is held. To get access, please register. You will receive a link for the recording.

  2. Michael S. Koroma

    I am very delighted to be a participant in this all important topic. Pray that God bless your effort.

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