Webinar Series - Families in Transition: Adjusting During War and Emergencies, July 1

Date and Time

July 1, 9 a.m. Eastern Standard Time (U.S. and Canada)

Theme: Working and Dealing With Adjustment in War and Emergency Settings

What you will learn:

  • How to grow through challenges.
  • How to adjust cross-culturally.
  • How to raise children in the mission field.
  • How to develop resilience during emergencies and times of crisis.
  • How to trust God’s providence when it seems there is no hope.


Our host for this webinar will be Ron Kuhn, associate director at the Institute of World Mission. Ron’s cross-cultural journey started when he interrupted his studies at the seminary in 1985/1986 and ventured to Africa as a volunteer student, serving at the Adventist University in Rwanda and as project director for Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) Sudan during the famine that affected the horn of Africa (Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan). After one year in Sudan, Ron returned to Brazil to finish his studies. There he met Jacqueline, who would eventually follow him to serve in some of the most demanding situations on the planet at the time.

Two months after their graduation in 1988, Ron and Jackie left for Africa, where they first served in Mozambique and then were asked to commence the work of ADRA in Angola. At the time, these two countries were suffering from the effects of more than 10 years of civil war. During their time in Angola, Ron and Jackie witnessed the first peace agreement. Ron was out of the country when the rebels later lost the election and the war began again. Jackie had to be evacuated after three days of sleeping under their stairs because of the heavy bombing around their home. That circumstance resulted in a call to return to Sudan for the second time. While waiting for a visa to enter Sudan, they helped with the crisis in Somalia for a few months. After Sudan, they moved on to Bolivia, Peru, ADRA South American Division in Brazil, ADRA Asia Regional Office in Thailand (where Ron was regional director during the devastating tsunami of 2004), and ADRA Canada. During his term in Brazil, Ron also served as the global mission coordinator for the South American Division.

Ron has extensive experience in leadership and management of relief and development projects and has been working for IWM since 2012. Jackie works as an Interdivision Employee Specialist with International Personnel Resources and Services (IPRS) at the General Conference. They have two daughters, Caroline and Daniele.


Ron will be joined by Paulo and Edra Lopes. Paulo is currently the director of ADRA for the South American Division, while Edra is a teacher in the main Adventist school in Brasilia. Their mission life started when they accepted a call to serve in ADRA Angola, and left the comfort of Brazil to live in a country in civil war. The year was 1992, and Lucas  their older son  was six months old. After two challenging years in Angola, Paulo, Edra and Lucas accepted a call to serve in Mozambique, also with ADRA. At the beginning of their time there, they had Marcos. After five and a half years in Mozambique, they moved to Armenia, where they lived for six months. An abrupt closure of the ADRA office meant another move, this time to Siberia. After two very long winters in Siberia, Paulo, Edra, Lucas and Marcos moved to work for the ESD publishing house in Zaoksky. Two years later and, this time to India. After four and a half years working for ADRA India, the family received a call to come back to their native Brazil.

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