NAD Student Missionary Reentry

Dear Student Missionary,

Welcome back home! 

And welcome to a series of online meetings prepared specifically for you.

Even though your return at this time was rather an emergency response to the current situation in the world, we deeply trust that the Lord is sovereign in all of our lives.

We invite you to participate in a three-part online reentry program. 

During the program you will have a chance to:

  • Meet other young people in a similar situation
  • Share your story and become part of a community
  • Look at a few essential ways to make your return less disturbing


  • Session #1, April 1, Wednesday, 1:00pm (EST)
  • Session #2, April 6, Monday, 1:00pm (EST)
  • Session #3, April 9, Thursday, 1:00pm (EST)

How to Attend

Our sessions will be held online on the Zoom platform. 

You will need to register for each meeting separately on this page. A new button with the right link for the second meeting will become available after the first meeting is over. Same with the third session.

Click the button below to register for Session #1

Meet the Facilitators

This series of meetings is brought to you by:

Feel free to leave us a comment below if you have any questions or suggestions.


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