Storytelling for Discipleship

At the Institute of World Mission, we have a passion to help Adventist missionaries grow as disciple-makers.

Our hearts go out to the many missionaries who become frustrated when traditional approaches (including proof-text Bible studies) fail them in oral, storytelling cultures.

We want to help you combat this challenge.

In this webinar, Pat Gustin, a missions practioner and trainer, will help introduce us to the fascinating field of storytelling. The art of storytelling transformed her effectiveness as a missionary in a cross-cultural setting, and it will make a difference for you too.

During the webinar, we will introduce the full Storytelling for Discipleship online video course. It will be come available first to webinar attendees, and then to other members of the IWM website.

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  1. Why do you have a “button” for Previous Webinar, and then the message says the link must have been faulty? Is there a way to see previous webinars?
    Thank you

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